Goblins, also referred to as Kobolds, are short, humanoid creatures with dog-like faces that inhabit the Continent. They are regarded by humans as not really a threat, only pests.[1]

There was at least one goblin who fought in Claremont Arena.[2]

In Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni Edit

According to Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni PnP RPG, goblins, also known as kobolds, gnome-sized, savage, mischievous humanoid creatures that live mostly underground. They hate daylight and are active above ground only during the night. A goblin isn't really dangerous but can be quite a pest. They piss into people's milk, vandalize houses or steal chickens.

Other Andrzej Sapkowski's work Edit

Some forest kobolds inhabiting an abandoned lumberjacks' glade near Ktova village appear in chapter eleven of the Warriors of God novel. Shortly after his escape from the Trosky Castle, Reynevan is ambushed by about twenty of them; they are described as hirsute creatures being as short as human children, having short legs, long arms and ugly, doggy faces.

They are featured similarly in his The Eye of Yrrhedes role-playing game. Mountain kobolds from tribe of the Crookednose are 1.20 meters tall, have dog faces and, contrary to the forest ones from the Warriors of God, hairless reddish skin. They wear leather and fur clothes and are armed with yatagans, cudgels and light crossbows. Despite their good eyesight in the darkness, they still illuminate their habitats with oil lamps and lanterns treating them as a luxurious decoration. Cruel brigands, they attack without hesitation when have advantage. They peculiarly hate gnomes, being with them in a ceaseless state of war.

The author wrote also a feuilleton titled Ya hoi! Ya hoi! Ya harri hoi! about the origin and role of goblins, orcs and similar creatures in fantasy genre. A copy of it can be found here.

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