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Gnomes are one of the humanoid races. Gnomes were the oldest sentient race on the Continent and together with dwarves and elves are called the Old races. Gnomes are shorter and weaker than dwarves, but just as tough and more agile. They can be easily distinguished from dwarves and halflings by their long noses.

Many gnomes live in Mahakam along with the dwarves, although others inhabit the Tir Tochair mountain range. They are excellent smiths and metallurgists and their gwyhyr swords are considered the best in the world.


Gnomes film

Three of the seven gnomes in The Hexer TV series

Notable gnomes Edit

Other known gnomes Edit

The Witcher (PC) Edit

There are no gnomes in the game, although some of the characters do muse about Kalkstein's origins. Kalkstein is certainly never specifically identified as a gnome. It is said that he has a passion for gnomish alchemy.

Glossary Entry Edit

Journal Glossary Gnomes

"Gnomes are secretive and mysterious. Most of them live in Mahakam and are allied with the dwarves; they seldom interact with humans. Gnomes are talented craftsmen, miners and inventors. Their technology is superior to that of humans, and gnome weapons can be equalled by no others. They are also considered the eldest race on the continent."

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Notes Edit

The World of the Witcher Edit

There is a quote from Jarre where he is describing this elder race:

"Gnomes, though shorter than dwarves and not as strong, are equally resistant to hardship and much more agile. This ancient and noble race is characterized by their long, pointy noses, in which they take great pride ... Like dwarves, they. love their handiwork, and are particularly adept at the arts of the metallurgist, the armorer, the jeweler, and the goldsmith. Not many, however, elect to ply their trade beyqnd their native lands, since their grand mastery, and the profits which it brings, 'inevitably becomes the object of envy and thus human aversion, which ends in slander at best and pogroms at worst."

Reverend Jarre of Ellander the Elder, "The Truthful Description of the Elder Races"

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