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"Do you really wish to know?"
Spoilers from the books and/or games to follow!
Giselher was the ringleader of the Rats. In the past, while he was drunk, he mistakenly enrolled in the army of the king of Geso. A week after this error, he deserted thr army and joined a gang composed by others deserters. The gang started ransacking and burning to the ground villages and ambushing the Nilfgaardian Army until he was exterminated by a squad of Elves; only Giselher survived. He remained stuck to a tree with a arrow through his shoulder until Iskra, a elf woman mysteriously abandoned by her mates saved him and healed his wound; they later became traveling companions and later lovers. They then met Asse, Kayleigh, Reef and Mistle during the holiday of Lammas in a village of Geso and formed a gang. The entire gang then, with the exception of Ciri, was killed at the hands of Leo Bonhart in Jealousy.