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Gildorf is the more affluent district in the Free City of Novigrad in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, located in the north of city center and connected with Temple Isle via St. Gregory's Bridge.The place boasts the finest brothel in the area, bathhouse with thermal water, morgue, well, market with stalls, two shops and many residences.

It is inhabited by the free city's social elite — nobles, wealthy merchants, townspeople, ambassadors and alike. Because of its importance, the place is protected by Temple Guard and witch hunters. There are four entrances to the city's sewers and one of steel swords, Gildorf sword, is named after district.

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Notable characters Edit

  • Maria Louisa La Valette — Baroness La Valette, currently in league with Nilfgaard.
  • La Valette Guard Captain — Commander of special unit guarding La Valette’s Villa.
  • Var Attre Guard Captain — Commander of the special unit guarding Var Attre Villa.
  • Rosa var Attre — More aggressive daughter of Nilfgaardian ambassador Henry.
  • Edna var Attre — Daughter of the Nilfgaardian ambassador more interested in intrigues.
  • Morvran Voorhis — Nilfgaardian general and associate of Maria Louisa La Valette.
  • Merchant — In Aeramas' Shop, sells a few quest items and the elven crossbow.
  • Barber — This grey-haired barber can be found at his residence near La Valette’s Villa.

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