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Tw3 Clans gathering before sacred oak
Gedyneith Grove Map

The Gedyneith Grove is a large grove centered on the sacred Gedyneith oak tree located in the northeastern forests of Ard Skellig of the Skellige Isles. It is northwest of Redgill, west of Henge, northeast of Blandare and the Abandoned Sawmill, southwest of the Whale Graveyard, and southeast of Kaer Gelen and Yustianna's Grotto. It has two signposts located in the eastern and western sides of the grove.

Most druids live there, where they worship Freya and practice their crafts in peace. The master alchemist, Gremist, and Fritjof, the vaedermakar druid, also live there. The grove hosts a number of grottoes tunneled on the side of the hill where the Gedyneith tree stands to serve as dwellings for the druids. The place is also a headquarter of a Skellige's hierophant.

Map description Edit

An oak which is sacred to all Skelligers, as it is worshiped both by druids and Freya's disciples. The Isle's most important ceremonies are held here, including weddings and royal coronations.

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