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Gaude Mater Redania ("Rejoice, oh Mother Redania") is likely the national anthem of the Kingdom of Redania. It can be heard for the first time when lance corporal Vatslav sing it in Oxenfurt while guarding the auction house of Borsodi Brothers during the events of Hearts of Stone.


Latin English
Gaude, mater Redania, Rejoice, oh Mother Redania
prole fæcunda nobili... Rich in noble offspring...

Trivia Edit

  • The song's real life equivalent is Gaude Mater Polonia, the national anthem of medieval Poland. In modern times, the song is traditionally performed at the beginning of an academic term in universities of Poland.

Video Edit

Wiedźmin 3 Gaude Mater Redania00:15

Wiedźmin 3 Gaude Mater Redania

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