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This article describes the directory structure of The Witcher computer game.


When a path starts with a backslash character ('\'), it means that the installation directory has been omitted from the path. For example, assuming that you have installed the game to the C:\Program Files\The Witcher directory, \DATA would mean C:\Program Files\The Witcher\DATA


Once you have completed installation, you will have the following directory structure:


The root, containing a few files.


The \DATA directory contains all game data that will be loaded by the game at some point.


The \LAUNCHER directory contains a collection of PNG images that are used for localization of the launcher.

The launcher itself is \LAUNCHER.EXE.


The \REGISTER directory contains a collection of PNG images and DLLs for localization of the registration tool.

The registration tool itself is \REGISTER.EXE.


The \SYSTEM directory contains several things:

  • the font cache
  • MSS (Miles Sound System) DLLs and files
  • scripts (.LUC and .BFX)
  • game EXE and DLLs
  • copy-protection EXE and DLLs

Points of interestEdit

  • For modders: the \DATA and \SYSTEM\SCRIPTS directories. see Modding
  • For casual wanderers: \DATA directory contains a bunch of BIK movies. see BIK format

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