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Galarr is an elf of Blue Mountains and Dol Blathanna.

He appeared in the short story "The Edge of the World", as a leader of sorts of the elven squad whose hospitality Geralt and Dandelion enjoyed.

"His hair was black with a distinct tint of dark blue. He had sharp features, big, bright eyes and pointed ears. Galarr was an elf. An elf from the mountains. A pure-blooded Aen Seidhe, a representative of the Old People."

— page 191, The Last Wish (UK edition)

In the Movie and TV series Edit

In The Hexer TV series, in episodes 7, "Dolina Kwiatów" and 13, "Ciri", based on the short story, Galarr was played by Marek Włodarczyk.

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