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Sir Galahad of Caer Benic met with Ciri, after she left Yennefer and Geralt on Malus Island, in glen called Cwm Pwcca, at the foot of Y Wyddfa, mistaking her with the Lady of the Lake. He says he is son of Sir Lancelot du Lac and Elaine daughter of King Pelles lord of Caer Benic, a knight of King Arthur's Round Table.[1] At the end of the Lady of the Lake novel he leads Ciri to Camelot at the court of King Arthur.

Something ends, Something begins non-canon short story Edit

Galahad once became lost in the mists searching for Avalon, and is an unexpected guest at Geralt and Yennefer's wedding. The young knight is searching for the Holy Grail and mistakes the ruined castle of Rozrog for Montsalvat. He also mistakes king Herwig for the Fisher King.

He helps Ciri defeat an ilyocoris which has capsized the boat in which Herwig and Loki were fishing. He then pledges himself to Ciri, who strangely does not seem at all unhappy with the arrangement.

Trivia Edit

  • Galahad and Ciri seem to understand each other's speech. It is uncertain if Common Brittonic resembles one of Witcherland's languages or Ciri has learnt it before during her timespace journeys. They may also use variant of Elder Speech however since Galahad is aware of Elfland's existence.

Notes & references Edit

  1. Lady of the lake, Chapter 1

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