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Ruined tower which is said to be afflicted by a terrible curse.
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— In-game description

Fyke Isle is a small island located in Velen. Vserad, the former Lord of Velen and previous owner of Crow's Perch, fled to the tower on Fyke Island with his family after he got news of approaching Nilfgaardian armies.

But later on, some enraged peasants stormed the tower to kill Vserad and his family. His daughter Anabelle survived the attack because she used a magic potion that put her in a corpse-like state of paralysis. But when she woke up, she was unable to move and the rats ate her. Since this incident, Anabelle's ghost wanders the tower.

Another person, who lived in the tower for some time, was the epidemiologist and friend of Keira Metz Alexander.

In the western part of Fyke Island is a place where the Forefathers' Eve is celebrated by the Pellar and his community.

Spoiler Edit

How to open the hidden door.

You open the hidden door by flipping the two levers that are on the wall.

Drag over the box to reveal the spoiler text.

Quests Edit

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