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Fugas is one of many servants of the Ladies of the Woods living in Bald Mountain.

Journal entry Edit

The devil Fugas held a very prestigious and responsible position during the Crones' sabbath: that of goon restricting access to the peak. He in no way resembled Torque, the irritating but harmless "deovel" Geralt and I had encountered many, many years prior.
Fugas' size resembled that of a somewhat overgrown troll, and he likewise displayed a troll's lack of subtlety. There was not a jot of mischievous puck or cunning verbal trickster about this "devil." Instead, he carried out his task with the commitment and professionalism of a Novigrad bouncer.
Trying to stop Geralt, though, turned out to be Fugas' dumbest and final idea, ending both his life and his flourishing career in the Crones' employ.

Associated quests Edit

Videos Edit

The Witcher 3 Fugas the Devil Boss Fight (Hard Mode)02:31

The Witcher 3 Fugas the Devil Boss Fight (Hard Mode)

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