Free Spirit is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

While sailing by the southern coasts of Snidhall Isle directly north of the Ancient Crypt on Ard Skellig in the Skellige Isles, Geralt happened upon a fight between two Skelligers. As one of the men, a warrior, taunts and prepares to lunge at the other man, the witcher can either intervene and help save the man or observe as the warrior cuts him down.

If Geralt manages to save the man and kill his attacker, the quest begins as the man named Ivar thanks the witcher and explains how his attacker was actually the brother of his lover, a priestess of Freya. The warrior was enraged that Ivar wanted to elope with his sister and break her vows to Freya. To the witcher's surprise, Ivar is one of a few who don't believe in the gods and would break custom to seduce a priestess. Naturally, in Skellige, this led to feuds and vendettas which Ivar planned to solve by finding holes in the principles of the Skellige pantheon to show to the priestesses in order for them to allow his marriage with his lover, Irma. Seeing as Geralt is a traveler himself, the man asked him if he could find something that could help him and in return, he proposed to pay the witcher for his trouble at his hut on the other side of a volcano. Geralt agreed to help him and thought he could find books describing religious customs and precedents.

With Geralt's memory and experience of his travels and encounters with merchants from all over Velen and Novigrad. He had acquired a good amount of books relating to love and religion in his travels or if he had not, he remembers copies of these to be sold in a few locations in Velen and Novigrad:

After acquiring all the books (1-5Tw3 icon xp) if the witcher did not yet have the books, Geralt returned from Novigrad and Velen to see that Ivar was still in his camp at Snidhall Isle so transferred all the books he found to him. The quest ends as Ivar thanks the witcher and decides to see the world whilst figuring out how to be with his lover. (1-5Tw3 icon xp)

Journal entry Edit

On one of Skellige's beaches, Geralt ran into a man desperately fending off an enraged assailant. The witcher could hardly look upon this spectacle impassively and decided to help. After the fight, Ivar, for this was the man's name, admitted his attacker had been the brother of the woman Ivar loved. He had sought to kill Ivar for seducing his sister, who was a priestess of Freya and thus bound by custom to live a life of chastity. Ivar, however, refused to let religion stand in the way of his love and aimed to scour learned books for a precedent that would help him negotiate his beloved's release from her vows. Geralt agreed to bring him any relevant books he found.
Geralt kept his word and brought Ivar all the books about love and religion he could find.

Location of Quest Giver Edit

Location of Quest Giver (Free Spirit)

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Objectives Edit

  • Gather books describing religious customs and precedents and take them to Ivar.
  • Take the books you found to Ivar, he might find them interesting.

Trivia Edit

  • After completing the quest, Ivar may be found again in Novigrad around the docks facing Temple Isle, west of St. Gregory's Bridge just close to Odrin, where he tells the witcher that his search has led him to Novigrad for the culture and he's signing on to work on a ship to fund his stay there.

Bug Edit

  • There might be a bug where Ivar would not complete the quest if all 5 books were given all at once. This might be solved by transferring the books one by one in each conversation.

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