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Quest is triggered on Snidhall island, north of the Ancient Crypt signpost on Ard Skellig, where you'll find 2 men fighting.

If you choose to intervene, the quest begins with Ivar, and he’s after a collection of books.

These books can be found by randomly or purchased in several locations (check the quest item section in the inventory; you may have some already) but guaranteed copies are found at the following spots:

  • Change Your Life! A Handbook – loan shark merchant in Novigrad, northwest of the Southern Gate, West of Arette, and southwest of the Oxenfurt Gate
  • The Cult of Freya – purchase from reluctant alchemist merchant masquerading as priest in Elector’s Square, north Novigrad
  • The Curious Case of Virtuous Vegga – merchant in Novigrad near the notice board at St Gregory’s Bridge
  • Religion and Life – purchase from merchant in Crow’s Perch
  • Tristianna and Isador – purchase from merchant in Lindenvale
When you have all five, return to Ivar.

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