Frans Torquil was a Constable who was investigating on a strange series of murders happening in the surroundings of Rissberg and Tukaj Foothills. Indeed, 36 between coalmen, lumberjacks and farmers were killed in terrible ways while they were working. Frans, suggested to the mages of Rissberg to hire a witcher, since the creature that was performing all those murders was without a doubt a human. The mages accepted Frans' advice and hired the witcher Geralt of Rivia.

Later, Frans remained injured by a crossbow bolt to his leg, shot by Pasztor. The medic was about to amputate his leg when the witcher healed it with his powerful elixirs.

Notes Edit

He wore a hat very similar to Dandelion's one but instead of a heron feather, it was decorated with a pheasant's one.