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Francollarts in Toussaint is located south of Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery, east of Belgaard Vineyard and north of Tesham Mutna Ruins. A armorer can be found here, after being freed by some bandits.

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The Caroberta Woods are named after Touissant's reigning duchess' grandmother - Duchess Carolina Roberta - who loved organizing elaborate games of hide and seek in this forest. A small trappers' post located on its outskirts has grown into the tranquil village known as Francollarts. Here hunters, woodcutters and beekeepers come to sell the fruits of the woods. The village springs to life once a year, when Baron Trastamara organizes his annual Wood Festival and invites all the court for an spectacular hunt.

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  • In the northeast of the village, an NPC girl can be heard referencing Game of Thrones quotes, such as "Is winter coming?"

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