This Fragment of the script of a stage play can be found in one of the alcoves of Orianna's estate during soireé of Mandragora in Beauclair.

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"The Besotted Witcher"
François de Valler
Night thick as mud envelops a dense wood. A full moon hangs in the sky above the trees (NOTE! Scenography MUST include a representation of the full moon!). Wolves howl plaintively in the distance.
A witcher walks through the woods in careful, measured strides. He wields a silver blade in his hands.
Gods damn all. The moon is at its fullest. Long have I awaited this night.
Three weeks have I spent in that foul pit, all to catch a lone werewolf. At least the miller's daughter helped me while away the time…
In fact… In fact, I leave only with a certain sense of regret. Perchance I should take her with me?
We hear the snap of breaking behind the witcher. He turns around swiftly, his guard raised. He spies the werewolf.
I've got you know, beast!
Arrrgh! (furious roar)
The werewolf removes its mask. The witcher can see it is the Miller's Daughter. He is astonished, does not know what to do.
Well, what now? Will you kill me? Or perhaps… perhaps, you'll take me with you?