Fort Etnir is an old ruined fortress north of Rogne and east of Kaer Trolde in northern Ard Skellig in the Skellige Isles. In happier times, the once-proud fortress used to be a steadfast guardian of the northern expanses of Ard Skellig before falling to ruin.[1]

It is situated near a foggy lake and a stream leading toward the tower gates that once guarded the path to the fort. It has a guarded treasure guarded by an ice elemental and some gargoyles. It is also, presumable, the final resting place of Knight Chalimir's dead body after the witcher Gerd brought what was once the ruins' roof to collapse on them.[2]

There are two Bear School Gear Witcher diagrams hidden in the ruins. The Ursine silver sword diagram is with Knight Chalimir's presumed dead skeleton while the Enhanced Ursine gauntlets diagram is in the tower gates. The ruined fort also used to be the lair of a striga before the witcher Gerd presumably slew it on orders of Torgeir the Red, Jarl of An Skellig.

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