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by Marco Knopf

"The Nilfgaardian Empire is gigantic. It was once but a single realm that went on to conquer neighboring lands and assimilate their populations. Today all who hail from the south are called Nilfgaardians, though some take offense as they have sought to preserve their national identity.

Nilfgaard is ruled by a tyrannical emperor. He tolerates no opposition and knows no pity. Some call him the White Flame Dancing on His Enemies Barrows. His symbol (and the Empires) is a silver sun on a black background. It is worth noting that the female ruler of the Valley of Flowers (the sole existing elven state) considers herself a vassal of the emperor."

A tome describing a number of the world's regions, including the Nilfgaardian Empire, Zerrikania and Redania.

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