The ford near White Orchard crosses two small tributaries of the river Ismena, forming part of the road west of the village.

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntEdit

Upon their arrival to the region, this is where Geralt of Rivia and Vesemir first encounter the griffin terrorizing the land. As they approach, the griffin is devouring a horse that belonged to the merchant whose cart had been attacked a short time prior. The witchers successfully drive the monster off, as it carries off the dead horse.

The merchant then thanks the witchers and recommends the inn in White Orchard village. Unable to fix his broken cart, he abandons it for good and takes his goods to the same village. His cart may still be seen later in the same spot, still stuck in the sand with a broken wheel but without its cargo.

On the west side of the Ford, one can immediately see the region's signature white-blossomed trees surrounding Dune Vildenvert and his brother's farm.

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Before the war, merchants and travelers would cross the river here. Now only Nilfgaardian soldiers traverse this path.

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  • Ford means a shallow part of a river, stream, etc., that may be crossed by walking or driving across it.

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