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For Fame and Glory is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It may be started just outside the village of Larvik on the isle of Hindarsfjall, and involves killing necrophages alongside two Skelligan warriors.

Summary Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Help the warriors kill the necrophages in the old mine.

Journal entry Edit

Though Skelligers are famed warriors able to hold their own in almost any battle, those whom Geralt encountered near the old mine on Hindarsfjall seemed to be in need of help. They had sworn to clear the mine of ghouls and were plucking up the courage to do so, but Geralt did not deem it likely they would manage the task on their own. When he proposed his expert assistance, they hesitated at first, but ultimately decided to take him up on the offer.
What tremendous good fortune it was that Geralt showed up at just the time and place where he was needed! With a touch of help from the warriors, he made swift work of that pack of nefarious necrophages and cleansed the surrounding area of danger, earning him the gratitude of all who dwelled nearby.