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Tw2 journal Flotsamforests
The Flotsam forests are woodlands surrounding Lobinden and Flotsam at point where borders of Redania, Temeria, Aedirn and Kaedwen are meeting. Location appears during Chapter I in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Points of interest Edit

Journal entry Edit

The wilderness surrounding Flotsam was a thick impassable wood where inexperienced travellers could easily lose their way and fall victim to wild beasts or, even more probably, elven arrows. A rarely used, thickly overgrown route led to Aedirn, but, given the forest's dangers, most travelers preferred to journey by river.

Associated quests Edit


  • This area is full of traps like snares, other than monsters. It is advisable to make great use of the medallion (pressing Tw2 control z to activate it) in order to spot and disarm them.
  • After being disarmed, the snares can be picked up and used against monsters. Since these traps can cause bleeding, there are a few monsters which are immune. Furthermore, the snares are totally free.

Map Edit

GraveyardIorveth's hideoutPrison bargeBurned down hospitalLoredo's residenceRuined bridge / TrollRuined elven bathsWreck of the Petra SilieWaterfall and caveFlotsam inn / brothelAltar of VeyopatisBerthold CandeleriaBandit hideoutLobindenTw2 map flotsam

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