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Flesh for Sale is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the remote island of Faroe in which you'll have to rescue some villagers who were enslaved by vicious pirates.

Not available after you talk to Lambert at Seven Cats Inn in Following the Thread.

Walkthrough Edit

Whilst Geralt was traveling through Faroe Isle, he found a couple of Dagr pirates at the gates of a village known as Trottheim who took him for a Nilfgaardian serving under a Nilfgaardian slave trader named Ville. The witcher can go along with the pirates or insist that he wasn't a slave trader. If Geralt goes along with it and follows the Dagr to his leader, Geralt will talk to the leader of the slavers about their slave goods but he will become suspicious about Geralt's nilfgaardian likeness. If Geralt reveals his true identity and denies his association with Ville, he will have to fight all the Dagr pirates in Trottheim. If he further insists to be working under Ville, the Dagr Slave Driver will be convinced and ask for the sum they agreed on. From here, Geralt can either pay 500 Oren3, use Axii (Delusion level 3) to convince him that it was already paid, or reveal he wasn't a slave trader by further insisting his dislike for humans being referred to as "goods".

If the witcher reveals his identity, this will again lead to having to fight the Slave Driver and all the Dagr and Pirates in the village. Once they've all been killed, the witcher can find the key to the slaves' cell by looting the Slave Driver's body. There, he'll find some junk and two keys, a Key to the pirate leader's house and a Key to slave cells. Geralt can then unlock the slave cells and free the islander women, who are presumably the former villagers of Trottheim, to send them west where they'll find the village of Harviken. They'll thank the witcher and tell him about the Slave Driver's chest in his house with a subsequent reward from them of a Diagram: Ban Ard breastplate and a Lesser Dazhbog runestone. The quest will complete there (80 Tw3 icon xp[If within Suggested Level Range]) while Geralt can use the slave driver's key to unlock the door to his house to loot all his chests and things in there.

If the witcher pays the sum (50 Tw3 icon xp) or uses Axii (Delusion level 3)(40 Tw3 icon xp) to confuse the Slave Driver that he's already paid and is only there for the pick-up, he will tell the witcher to take them and advise him to sail his ship into the bay. Geralt will then ask for the key to the cell and tell him that he'll lead them on foot so he can see that only the strong he'll take for Ville. The Slave Driver will agree, give him the key and warn him for any who'll run. Geralt can then unlock and lead the slaves away from the pirate village after threatening them to listen and obey. After some distance down the road away from Trottheim, Geralt will let them free and send them west to the village of Harviken. They'll thank the witcher and the quest will end there with the same rewards of a Diagram: Ban Ard breastplate and a Lesser Dazhbog runestone.(80 Tw3 icon xp[If within Suggested Level Range])

Journal entry Edit

I'm used to my good friend encountering the bizarre and the appalling in his journeys, but what happened to him on Faroe shocked even my jaded sensibilities. It all started when he walked into a small coastal village and was mistaken for a Nilfgaardian...
...and only grew more interesting from there. Geralt was taken to the ringleader of a suspicious band and learned they believed him to be a slave trader come to pick up some "live goods."
Geralt uses Axii or pays to free the slaves:
He decided to go along with the pirates' mistake in order to free their captives.
Geralt declares that he is not a slaver:
Geralt could not sit and let such barbarity occur in front of his eyes. He reduced the pirates to bloody smears and freed their captives.

Objectives Edit

  • Follow the pirate to his boss.
  • Defeat the pirates. (only if Geralt reveals his true identity)
  • Find the key to the slaves' cell. (only if Geralt reveals his true identity)
  • Free the slaves.
  • Lead the slaves away from the pirate village. (only if Geralt plays the slaver)