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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the character from novels. For the character in the first game, see Fisher King (Murky Waters).

The Fisher King is a character that appears in The Lady of the Lake. There he is the human lover of certain sorceress Nimue. When Condwiramurs Tilly first arrives at the lake, she is taken to Nimue's island by the Fisher King and he does not leave a particularly favourable impression on her, but during her stay, she grows to appreciate him.

Nimue also specifically forbids Condwiramurs from "taking advantage" of the Fisher King.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Fisher King or Wounded King, is a character of the Matter of Britain literature, keeper of the Holy Grail. He is always represented as wounded or mutilated. The injury can only be cured by a chosen, who will also be able to find the Grail.