Finders Keepers is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

On the northeastern corner of Ard Skellig and north of the Giants' Toes signpost on the biggest Giants' Toes rock formation, a short distance north away from the coast lies a small island. Upon it are four encamped pirates, who will become hostile once approached. Having defeated them, Geralt comments on the abundance of crates littering the area, thereby starting the quest. The pirates must have been looting the wrecked longship on the islet. Much of the cargo is still intact, and Geralt surmises that its owner is likely to pay for information concerning its whereabouts. Inspecting one of the crates reveals an emblem which suggests that the goods belong to Clan Brokvar, who are based on Spikeroog. In another nearby crate beside the tall rock, is a Solid Skellige sword which should be looted. There is also a conveniently-located boat on this island which may be used to travel onward.

In Svorlag, on the isle of Spikeroog, there is a merchant operating from his stall overlooking the docks. Mentioning the shipwreck to him leads him to conclude it must be that of the Hemdall's Wrath, a ship that had sailed out to raid the Continent a month prior and never returned. He asks whether there was a decorated, ornate sword amongst the wreckage, stating that the family would likely want it returned. In return for the sword, he awards a 55Crownitem finder's fee to the witcher.

Journal entry Edit

Strewn across the Skellige shore lay the remnants of an entire fortune, testimonies to a tragedy that had struck some poor member of Clan Brokvar. Pirates were currently engaged in looting anything of value that had survived and Geralt decided he should try to inform someone with a right to the goods before they finished the job.

Objectives Edit

  • Look for signs indicating the cargo's owner using your Witcher Senses.
  • Ask the shopkeeper in the Clan Brokvar village on Spikeroog about the shipwrecked cargo.