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Goodbye until we meet again, on the day when we descend into the valleys to die honorably. We'll look out for you then... Don't let us down.
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- Filavandrel to Geralt, pg. 203 in The Last Wish

Filavandrel aén Fidháil of the Silver Towers was a proud elf who lived in the mountains near Lower Posada.

Biography Edit

Unlike humans, elves didn't know agriculture, having found ways to have the land give them what they wanted before humans arrived. After humans took over though, the land changed and the elves could no longer get what they could from the lands and began to starve. Desperate for food, Filavandrel enlisted Torque's help in Lower Posada to steal food, seeds, and farming techniques from the bountiful village in hopes the elves could learn to farm in the mountains. However, one day he went to collect as usual when he and his band found that Torque was being chased by the witcher Geralt due to the sylvan's pranks irritating the villagers. Catching him by surprise, the elves captured the witcher and Dandelion. Geralt shared a few terse words with the proud elf, revealing Filavandrel was indeed too proud to cohabit with humans, even if it meant his group should starve and die in the mountains.

Seeing that there was no more point in conversing, Filavandrel ordered that Geralt and Dandelion be executed so to protect their deal with Torque but before it could be carried out the Queen of the Fields appeared, a revered figure among the elves. After communicating with the elves via telepathy, Filavandrel released Geralt and Dandelion before relenting and telling Geralt he was right but one day they'd make one last show of what the elves were made of, even if it meant their deaths, before leaving.

Sometime later, in 1267, he visited Francesca Findabair after she'd just been made queen of Dol Blathanna by Emperor Emhyr. At first he was upset they didn't get more land out of the deal, but after relenting that they barely had enough forces to protect the current borders of the valley, he proclaimed they should call their kind home and stop fighting like common bandits. However, Francesca revealed as part of the deal that made her queen, she was force to renounce the Scoia'tael and not offer them any aid as the emperor wanted the guerilla force to continue creating chaos for the Northern Kingdoms, leaving them to be killed off by the other kingdoms. She then asked for his forgiveness and while Filavandrel did forgive her, he stated he didn't know if the rest would.

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