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Field Marshal Windbag (Polish: Feldmarszałek Duda), was a talking parrot, originally owned by Zoltan Chivay. They were inseparable and everywhere the dwarf went, Field Marshall Windbag accompanied him perched on his shoulder. The parrot's vocabulary consisted mainly of some rather salty phrases.

'’Kin' 'ell!' the parrot squawked.

'Shut your beak,' Zoltan Chivay growled at the bird. 'Excuse me. This foreign bird is clever but vulgar. I paid ten thalers for the freak. He's called Field Marshal Windbag.'

— pg(s). 76, Baptism of Fire (UK edition)

After the war, Zoltan sold the bird to the gnome, Percival Schuttenbach. After the Nilfgaard Wars, Percival opened a jewelers workshop in Novigrad, where he used the parrot as a living advertisement. In Polish, the parrot's cry was described as "Brrrylanty! Brrrylanty!" which sounds just like "Brilliants! Brilliants!" which would certainly be an improvement in its vocabulary.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

He appears on advertisement poster for Percival Schuttenbach's Shop in Novigrad but since it is closed, he does not appear in the game itself.

Gallery Edit

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