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Faroe is one of the smallest and southernmost islands in the Skellige archipelago and belongs to Clan of Dimun. The villages Harviken and Trottheim are located there.


  • It is very likely named after the Faroe Islands located between Scotland and Iceland.
  • The island resembles the southernmost island in The Faroe Islands, called "Suðuroy" (South Isle).
  • Clan An Dimun is likely named after two of the islands of the Faroe Islands, namely "Lítla Dímun" and "Stóra Dímun" (Little and Large Dímun).
  • During the quest "The Price of Honor", the letter from the bride's father tells us that his clan comes from the island Heymaey, which is a reference to the main island of the icelandic Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, off the south shore of Iceland.