The Fallen Knights are a sect of the Order of the Flaming Rose that was formed by Ulrich. They no longer slay monsters or serve any monarchs. They are fueled by vengeance against one man: Radovid V, the King of Redania and most of remaining Northern Realms.

Although they pretty much hate their former brethren from the Witch Hunters, they are in much ways similar and sometimes even crueler than them. The Imperial Secret Service had a plan to hire them and use them as a special force against Redania, much like they used the Scoia'tael in the first and second war. However, the plan failed because first, they are Nordlings then second, they are enemies of Radovid.[1]

History Edit

Geralt against fallen ones
At the beginning of the war, the Order was sent to the frontlines to support the Redanian effort to hold the Pontar while Radovid conquered Kaedwen. After the small conflict ended and additional Redanian soldiers arrived to relieve the beleaguered forces, the Order was relieved of its post, having served its purpose. A large portion of the Order died at the Pontar, and they were anxious to grieve their fallen.

However, their homes were no longer theirs; Radovid had sold their estates, fortresses, and outposts to the highest bidder, seized its treasury, and disbanded the order. A mixture of negative emotion caused the current Grand Master, Ulrich, to slowly go insane, and officially declared war on Radovid's Redania. Members of the order noticed this, and left the order to join the witch hunters under Radovid or became freelancer mercenaries.

An even bigger insult to Ulrich was a high-ranking officer of the Order, Count de Löwe, had taken a chunk of his soldiers to oppose his radicalism of the Order. This assisted in his descent into madness. He thus had camps set North and South of the Pontar, to harrass both Nilfgaard and Redania.
Three fallen knights
They have taken over several villages belonging to both sides, disrupting the war effort and becoming targets of both empires. They have also set up camps along the roads to disrupt trade along the main Oxenfurt-Novigrad-Vizima road, becoming an ire to major trade companies based in the area. They also attack citizens traveling the main roads, suspecting they may be spies for either sides, Geralt included.

Geralt may wipe out these camps and kill their captains, as well as liberate the settlements seized by the Order, dealing a huge blow to them. Optionally, Geralt may run into the Grand Master of the radical sect through a side quest and kill him (there is no option to spare him), leaving de Löwe as the official Grand Master of the Order, though the Fallen Knights do not acknowledge him as such and continue to wage war against everyone.

Notable Fallen Knights Edit

  • Ulrich - Grand Master, personally supervised the production of Fisstech.
  • Robbe - Armorsmith, educated person and de facto second-in-command.
  • Ernst Goltz - Commander of unit in the ruins of the castle Zuetzer.
  • Antoine Pfeil - Knight responsible for raking ruins Kilkerinn.
  • Eric von Kidon - Commander of Clean-Up Unit.
  • Fette de'Amin - Knight responsible for supplying ingredients to produce fisstech.
  • Anselm - Responsible for resupplying and selling fisstech in Novigrad.
  • Thunder - Another knight responsible for selling drugs.
  • Lieutenant von Herst - Knight responsible for sourcing food to other brethren.
  • Tuur - Knight ordered to translate one of ofieri crafting diagrams.
  • Lewie - Knight ordered to translate one of ofieri crafting diagrams.
  • Peter Nayhaer - Commander of unit that was sent to Deadwight Forest.

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