Oxenfurt Academy has a number of faculty/departments as follows:

Faculty of Trouvereship and Poetry Edit

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Faculty of Alchemy Edit

The subjects studied here include alchemy and chemistry.

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Faculty of Law Edit

Faculty of Medicine and Herbology Edit

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Department of Natural History Edit

The areas studied here include zoology, biology, genetics and other sciences relating to both creatures and people.

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Department of Philosophy Edit

Founder of faculty is Norbert von Esteken[2].

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Faculty of Technology Edit

It is housed in a modern, gloomy building dubbed the "Deus Ex Machina" by the students.

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Faculty of Theology Edit

Faculty of Applied Archeology Edit

Faculty of Contemporary History Edit

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  • Faculty of Most Contemporary History is the name Dijkstra gave to the rented offices of the Redanian Secret Service on the Academy's campus, while Dandelion calls it the Faculty of Comparative Spying and Applied Sabotage, but neither is an official name.

References Edit

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