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Don't provoke it. Don't let its apparent sluggishness deceive you. It isn't aggressive, but it moves like lightning.
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- Geralt, pg. 85-85 Baptism of Fire
Eyehead (Polish: Okogłów) is a post-conjunction monster with four pairs of thin legs, a segmented body, eyes mounted on stalks, and resemble dead logs. There is no known antidote for their venom. Despite being non-aggressive, eyeheads are considered a dying relic, with few of them still existing in the world.

Behavior Edit

They are not aggressive and appear to move slowly, but can attack with lightning reflexes when it feels threatened. While the creature doesn't have any ears, it can "hear" with its entire body, making it very sensitive to sounds. In particular, metallic sounds are extremely painful to the point they won't return to the source of the sound for quite some time.