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Ewald Borsodi of House of Borsodi, is the brother of Horst Borsodi. Only first known to Geralt as the Stranger.

Journal entry Edit

When he found himself witnessing a battle of brothers, Geralt chose to stand by ...
Geralt stands by Ewald:
... his partner, Ewald, and with their combined strength they defeated Horst and his bodyguards. Ewald then repaid Geralt in the worst possible way: he tried to cheat him by keeping Maximilian's House for himself.
...but does not take the papers:
Luckily the witcher kept a clear head and, instead of slaughtering Ewald at once, proposed a compromise both sides would find acceptable. Their paths parted soon afterwards, as Ewald left to manage his family fortune and Geralt returned to the Path of a witcher.
...but also demands the papers:
This treachery pushed even the usually level-headed witcher over the edge – his steel sword flew into motion at once and soon Ewald's corpse lay next to that of his hated brother. The tale of the Brothers Borsodi had come to a tragic close.
Geralt stands with Horst:
... Horst. Though the elder Borsodi was undeniably arrogant and mean-spirited, he, at least, had not tried to cheat the witcher or use him in a private vendetta as had Ewald. The witcher thus foiled Ewald's years of planning moments before they were to come to fruition, then put an end to Ewald's life as well.

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