There are at least two Eviction notices found throughout the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Eviction notice to Alric de Samp Edit

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Eviction notice
Due to the nonpayment of rent for the premises used for shopkeeping purposes, the administrative court of Beauclair orders the tenant Alric de Samp to vacate the premises within seven days. Not complying with this eviction notice shall cause a custodial sentence to be imposed on the debtor. The length of the sentence shall be determined by the debtors' court.
Bailiff Victor la Maer

Eviction notice to Hubert and Gisèle Duret Edit

Relates to Gisèle Duret's journal near a werewolf in a monster den cave to the north of Basane Farm.

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To Hubert and Gisèle Duret
In connection to my recent acquisition of the Basane Farm, I, the undersigned, Countess Tiphaine Baudet de Sakhor, do hereby inform Sirs Hubert and Gisèle Duret, who currently inhabit said piece of real estate, that they are obliged to vacate the premises within no more than seven days of receiving this notice. In the case of failure to comply with this warning, the matter will be referred to the appropriate enforcement bodies. This is a legally-binding notice and has been prepared in accordance with the Act on the Basane Farm issued by the Beauclair Magistrate.
Countess Tiphaine Baudet de Sakhor