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Eveline Gallo is an acrobat specializing in rhythmic gymnastics and tight-rope walking. She is not above a bit of thievery. Geralt can choose to use her services or those of Hugo Hoff.

Associated quests Edit

Journal entry Edit

To rob a vault, one must force open armor-plated doors and secret away mounds of loot. First and foremost, however, one needs to get inside the building containing said vault. To accomplish this, Geralt could use the help of a certain Eveline Gallo – a circus performer famed through all the North, and who, it seemed, used her considerable talents for less law-abiding purposes as well...
As is often the case in life, Eveline was willing to help, but only in exchange for a favor: the witcher had to save her circus troupe from humiliation. He duly performed the required feat, and the limber elfess then joined the break-in crew.
Eveline Gallo performed as tasked and guided Geralt and his accomplices into the auction house. Yet as soon as the heist stopped going according to plan and Redanian soldiers surrounded the auction house, she shimmied up and out the chimney and was never seen by Geralt again.

Gallery Edit

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