Etolia is one of the provinces in the Nilfgaardian Empire. Its exact location is unknown but a journey from Etolia to Maecht is described as long.[2]

During the Second Northern War, Etolia dispatched regiments of veteran shieldbearers armored like crabs who marched alongside shieldbearers from Vicovaro.[3]

Heraldry Edit

Coat of armsEdit

COA Etolia

The coat of arms for Etolia is never actually described in the books. This particular coat of arms was designed by our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro. Second coat of arms was designed by Ruttou, based on the description in Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni.


The flag for Etolia is never actually described in books. Current flag is based on Mboro's coat of arms.

Geography Edit

As one of the more fertile places in the Empire, Etolia is at times referred to as the its granary. In spring and summer, the countryside is full of green meadows and golden wheat fields washed by clear blue rivers around which thriving settlements lie. However, when winter comes the land turns into barren waste with violent gales breaking so often that locals have to retreat to a sort of glacial houses that are warmer, more resistant and resemble miniature castles.[4]

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