Est Tayiar[1] was once a beautiful, prosperous and great elven city; capital of the non-human realm ruled by king Maeglor from his majestic palace on Pontar Delta (very near to where later stood Oxenfurt and the Free City of Novigrad). Plague started to spread in the city so he commanded the earth (with his sage powers) to swallow Est Tayiar.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

The powerful Sorceress Philippa Eilhart hid herself from King Radovid deep inside the remains of the city.

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Long before men first peopled these lands, a beautiful, prospering elven city stood here, centered around the palace 'of King Maeglor. One day, however, the city's inhabitants began mysteriously dying off in large numbers. According to legend, King Maeglor sensed he, too, would soon perish and cast a powerful spell that caused the earth to swallow the city whole so that no outsider could ever desecrate it. Centuries later, scholars from the Oxenfurt Academy began painstaking excavations of King Maeglor's palace in a search for the causes of the catastrophe . Yet work came to a sudden halt when when three subsequent expeditions ventured into the ruins' depth - and were never heard from again...

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  1. In books there is only mentioned elven city that was where now is Novigrad and this name is from third game along with all infoes.