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Eskel is a calm and reasonable witcher and Geralt's friend from his youth. They were raised together at Kaer Morhen and even went through the trials together. He never gained Geralt's fame and renown, even though he equaled the White Wolf in experience and skill. Despite that, Eskel has made a name for himself as a lethal and efficient witcher. He has a large, disfiguring scar on his face, one he did not gain from a monster, but from his surprise child . Eskel spends winters in Kaer Morhen's keep, like the rest of his brethren.

In the short story "The Last Wish", Geralt reminisces about an afternoon with Eskel when they were young. In the novel Blood of Elves, Triss notices that Eskel emanates even more magical power than Geralt does. Later, in the same book, Ciri's first encounter with Eskel is described:
"Ciri looked up into his face and barely restrained her frightened scream. He wasn't human. Although he stood on two legs, although he smelled of sweat and smoke, although he wore ordinary human clothes, he was not human. No human can have a face like that, she thought."
- pg. 39, Blood of Elves (UK edition)

The Witcher (PC) Edit

If you stick around Kaer Morhen after you have cured Triss with the potion, you can receive a fistfighting tutorial from Eskel as well as some valuable information on fighting in general. Otherwise, his role in The Witcher is quite negligible. He appears in no other acts, only the Prologue (as is the case with all other witchers in the game except Berengar).

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In "The Price of Neutrality" premium module Edit

Eskel does feature prominently in the premium module "The Price of Neutrality", where he is nearly as important as Geralt to the plot. In "The Price of Neutrality", he must come to terms with the consequences of a chance encounter some twenty years in the past. It appears that Eskel saved a knight in dire trouble and was offered anything he wanted as a reward. Given such a wide-open choice, he could not think of anything and instead repeated the fabled and oft-heard request "give me that which you find at home yet do not expect" that he had heard Vesemir repeat over the years.

This is how Deidre Ademeyn became his surprise child. The story goes on to say that Eskel took great pains to avoid ever going back to get his surprise child, sometimes taking ridiculously long routes to avoid being in the vicinity in Caingorn.

Deidre shows up to be an heir to her father's lands, yet also a child born under the Curse of the Black Sun. This causes her to not only have random spouts of violence, but to also have the innate ability to disrupt and stop magic from being used around her.

Eskel can be found in the old mine, just south of Kaer Morhen where he is busy clearing a kikimore hatchery and generally brooding about Deidre. In anger of hearing this, Deidre cuts Eskel's face whilst fleeing from the witchers.

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Journal Entry Edit

"The calm and reasonable witcher is my peer. We are similar in many ways and people often think we are brothers."

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit


Eskel and Lambert at Kaer Morhen during the prologue.

Upon Geralt's arrival to Kaer Morhen with Uma, Eskel was out trying to hunt down a forktail. Geralt decided to help him, and managed to find him by the smell of a goat Eskel was using as bait. Together, they fought the forktail and followed it to its lair, where they killed it. On their way back to Kaer Morhen, they had a friendly horse race. Eskel took part in The Battle of Kaer Morhen. He stayed in the inner courtyard of Kaer Morhen. During the battle, Caranthir opened a portal to the inner courtyard and brought a few members of the Wild Hunt with him.

Eskel dueled Caranthir which almost cost him his life. Luckily, this did not happen as fate (or perhaps Ciri) smiled upon Eskel and saved his life. Caranthir retreated from the battle after being called away, but not before he ordered his troops to kill them. Ciri and Eskel then killed the warriors, and continued to fend off the Wild Hunt. After The Battle of Kaer Morhen, Eskel can decide to not to stay at Kaer Morhen but to travel east towards Lormark, unless you are persistent in asking him.

Journal entry Edit

All witchers have a great deal in common, but with Eskel and Geralt, the similarities are particularly striking. They first met as two boys of the same age swinging wooden swords at Kaer Morhen. They then went though an ordeal together: the first round of selections, the murderous Changes, the Trial of the Grasses, and training on the Gauntlet - the witchers' daunting obstacle course. They also received hidings together for more than one act of childish delinquency. When they became adults, they walked the Path separately, but still reconvened at Kaer Morhen nearly every winter to wait out the cold, drink to their successes and remember fallen comrades.
Though Eskel never gained Geralt's renown, he equaled the White Wolf in experience and carried out his contracts with care and efficiency. Death had almost taken him many times during his hunts, yet in an ironic twist the hideous scar on his face came not from a monster claw but from the blade of Deidre Ademeyn, his highly unpredictable Unexpected Child.

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  • He can be seen striking at an insectoid and fighting a group of wraiths with Igni in the Sword of Destiny trailer.
  • During the quest, No Place Like Home, it's revealed that he once slept with a succubus and took fisstech with her.

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  1. The variation between games are likely due to the older games limitations.

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