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Tw3 Epona Square

The Epona Square is small square in the eastern part of Hauteville, location featured in the Blood and Wine Expansion. Major building of the square is black Nilfgaardian Embassy and there is also pier on Seidhe Llyglad where few merchants are selling their exotic wares. And right in the middle is a small statue of standing horse.

Tw3 Epona Square 2

Noteworthy is also fact that Jean-Louis Ludovic, friend of Le Papillon and true master hairdresser, is living and offering his service.

Associated quests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mythical Epona is Celtic goddess whose cult was widespread in the Roman Empire. Among others, she was considered as a protectress of horses and patron of fertility - which could make her suitable for fertile land of Toussaint with strong chivalric traditions.

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