The witcher, tired after a long day of travel through Temeria, arrives at a village, which seems like any other. He wants to stay for a night at the local inn and to move on, but he will have to face a serious danger. He will find himself entrapped in the village and the way out will not be peaceful...

Description Edit

Entrapped, an adventure mod for The Witcher, was created by Adam 'fantasta' Dukszto as a solo project, except for testing (by Dan) and two cutscenes (by Adrael). The adventure was released in June 2009. It was also published in the November 2009 issue of a German magazine PC Games Extended on the magazine's DVD.

The adventure features:

  • Six different endings.
  • One up to two hours of gameplay.
  • Three joinable NPCs.
  • Some locations locked/unlockable, dependant on the player's actions.
  • Two language versions: English and Polish (the Polish version is entitled W potrzasku).

There exists a fan-made German translation called In der Falle, though it is based on the first version of Entrapped which had some minor bugs.

Installation Edit

Windows XP: Unzip the file and copy the ADV file to the Shared Documents\The Witcher folder.

Windows Vista: Unzip the and copy the ADV file to the Public\Public Documents\The Witcher folder. The Polish credits and the Polish and English walkthroughs are included in the pdf format.

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Download the mod at ModDB.