Enchanting: Start-up Costs is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt added by the Hearts of Stone expansion pack.

Summary Edit

Visit the runewright and learn more about his craft. He is able to create runewords and glyphwords provided Geralt provides him with 5,000 crowns so he can replace his stolen equipment.

Journal entry Edit

You can tell an experienced witcher by the way he examines a notice board. To the novice eye, these weathered planks contain nothing but clumsily-scrawled messages touching on matters thoroughly mundane: trifling announcements, offers of sale or purchase, lewd rhymes, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseam. A witcher with years under his belt, however, will search the dross carefully, knowing that it often hides a jewel – a witcher contract, for example, or, as in this particular case, information about a mysterious "runewright" from a far-off land...
A small fortune was all it took for the Ofieri to get started. Once he received it, he got down to work and from then on Geralt could buy simple runes and glyphs from him and have him place basic words in his swords and armor.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Visit the runewright and learn more about his craft


  • The runewright can create master runewords and glyphwords with an additional investment and precious minerals. See Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price for more information.