Kingdom of Emblonia was a former realm located southweast of Pontar Delta between Pontar river and its branch Embla. At the end of 12th century, country was partitioned by its mighty neighbors - Redania to north, and Temeria south. Temerian part became known as Pontaria and Redanian as Riverfront. North of land its very likely located Redanian Free City of Novigrad, and to west Temerian province/barony of Velen.

Heraldry Edit

COA Emblonia2 COA Emblonia

The coat of arms for Emblonia is never actually described in the books. These particular coats of arms were designed by our Witcher experts Juraj103 and SMiki55.

History Edit

Under successive rulers the country of Emblonia fell down in decadence - from the ruling classes, mired in gambling, crime and debauchery; through the uneducated social elites and clergy extorting money and corrupting the juveniles; to people working and farming, consisting of shortsighted morons.

Emblonia, though politically an incompetent creature, however had some wealth. It was located, after all, in the alluvial valley of the river Pontar, which for centuries deposited here mud carried by floods. From these the alluvial soil arose - extremely fertile and agriculturally productive soil. Due to an inefficient agricultural system, this fertile soil began to change into barren lands overgrown with riparian forests and floodplains. Meanwhile, Temeria was recording significant growth in population and agricultural production became a matter of vital importance; Emblonian alluvial soils was tempting. Without further ado, the two kingdoms flanking the river partitioned Emblonia between themselves and wiped its name from the maps. Crowds of settlers were resettled on the alluvial silts. Under the supervision of efficient administrators, as a result of rational crop rotation and land improvement, the acreage, though rather small, has quickly become the veritable agricultural cornucopia.

Soon also the disputes began - the harvest had been more abundant, the disagreement were more bitter. The treaty setting out the border between Temeria and Redania contains provisions allowing for diverse interpretations; maps attached to the treaty were duff forasmuch the cartographers screwed their job up. The river itself also added its two penn'orth - after periods of extended rains it was able to change and move its riverbed about two or even three miles.

Plans of dynastic marriages and alliances had gone adrift, the time of diplomatic notes, customs wars and trade retaliation began. Border conflicts have increasing in strength; the bloodshed seemed to be inevitable. And finally it happened. And henceforth it happens on a regular basis.

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Cities, Towns and Keeps Edit

  • Windley
  • Findetann
  • Wola
  • Chippira
  • Tegmond