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The cave on the Lakeside near Murky Waters has become the refuge of a band of wounded and starving elves. They are led by Toruviel and have a relationship with the villagers that could at best be described as uneasy. They spend their days fishing or trying to heal their own sick and wounded.

Notable Elves in Murky Waters Edit

  • Toruviel, the leader of the band and old acquaintance of Geralt's.
  • Chireadan, a sharper at dice poker and an old friend of Geralt's.
  • The Elven craftsman, a gifted if somewhat aloof artisan.

Associated quests Edit

Journal Entry Edit

"Elves are proud beings with fiery temperaments, but they can't take care of themselves. It's a good thing they find those who bring them food once in a while."

Video Edit

Lakeside Elves Toruviel and Chireadan05:36

Lakeside Elves Toruviel and Chireadan

Elves of Murky Waters: Toruviel and Chireadan

Elf Woman Card03:18

Elf Woman Card

Elf Woman Romance Card

Notes Edit

  • To initiate the sexual encounter, Geralt must give food of some kind to the sorceress in the Elven cave after completing the Daily Bread quest. She is quite combative in her attitude, but apparently that excites her too. Wyvern meat or gutted fish works very nicely and is abundant in Chapter IV.
  • The rest of the elves (male) grudgingly accept wyvern meat as well, but not gutted fish and teach of Honeysuckle, Bryonia, Han, and Mandrake root.
  • One "Elf" in particular stands guard outside the cave all day and night. Toruviel, Chireadan, the Elven craftsman, and some other elves come out to the shore during the day and return to the cave at night.
  • It is possible to lure Wyverns and Wolves to the cave entrance. Any elves in the area will fight these creatures. As Toruviel is essential to later primary quests, she can be wounded and knocked down but never killed. However, wyverns can easily kill all the other elves outside the cave, and none of them will respawn. Because Chireadan and the Elven craftsman are helpful, if not necessary, for other quests, take care to defend them against any foes you lure to their cave's entrance.
  • If you do let a wyvern kill them, the elves' remains will contain the following:

The Refugee band Edit

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