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Elsa is one of the Merchants in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. She can be found in White Orchard, west of signpost "Woesong Bridge". If you meet Elsa for the first time, she'll have 215 Oren3 in cash.

Price list

ItemPurchase priceSales price
Blue stripes commandono20
Crinfrid reavers dragon hunterno20
Redanian herbal?85
Mahakaman Spirit?4
Dwarven Spirit?47
Nilfgaardian Lemon?94
Cherry cordial?59
Mandrake cordial?106
Cow's milk?13
Baked apple?5
Baked potato?5
Chicken leg?21
Homemade pepper vodka?9


Elsa and Bram are relatives
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Elsa is the innkeep at the Inn of White Orchard. Geralt first meets her with Vesemir on their search for Yennefer. Elsa cannot provide much information as she had not seen Yennefer, but accommodates the two witchers with food and drink should they require it. If Geralt did not ask Bram for a reward previously, Elsa gives four roast chicken legs for free.

Later, when Geralt and Vesemir are preparing to leave White Orchard, a woman begins accosting Elsa for removing the Temerian white lily shield from the wall. Elsa explains that she did so to protect herself and the tavern from the Nilfgaardians. However, the woman dismisses this justification, as her sister had been executed by the Nilfgaardians for being superstitious. She becomes violent, grabs Elsa by the head and proceeds to bash it against the counter several times. Geralt and Vesemir intervene, and attract the attention of some local men who believe that the witchers are conspiring with the Emperor. The men refuse to back down, and thus the situation ends in a massacre. Both women become terrified of the witchers, and Elsa, cowering behind the counter, tells Geralt to leave and never return.

Elsa is encountered once again in Novigrad, at the Kingfisher. After Priscilla's song ends, she emerges from the crowd and points out Geralt as the witcher who "murdered those boys" in White Orchard. The rest of the patrons, however, pay no heed to this, and become annoyed that Elsa is ruining the atmosphere.

Significant plot details end here.

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