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Elen of Kaedwen was the daughter of Benda, king of Kaedwen, the wife of Corbett, the king of Cintra, and the mother of Dagorad. She was originally named Elaine ("Beautiful") which became corrupted to Elen, easier for the ear of the local Cintrians.[1]

She was not well treated by her husband, and at one point her father, enraged at her given treatment, wanted to take her back to Ard Carraigh, even at the risk of conflict and rupture of diplomatic relations. Elen refused this, not for her sake but for her son's, which would face an uncertain fate.[1]

Elen died less than a year after the death of Corbett,inevitably raising suspicions of poisoning, for her husband when drunk shouted more than twice that he had enough of his "sanctimonious" wife and promised one of his many favorites an imminent wedding and elevation to the throne.[1]

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