Elder Runes was the ancient runic alphabet used by Aen Seidhe. The First Runes and the human alphabet, were based on it.

Known runes Edit

Name of Rune Supposed Latin equivalent Meaning Notes
Ard A up; upper; high; higher; top; hill; upland its misspeled name refers to one of witcher signs
Eskalott E or S?  ? Loc Eskalott has the shape of it
Zefhar Z?  ? type of bows called zefhar have the shape of it

Trivia Edit

  • A goblet from Craag An used by dryads has an inscription Duettaeánn aef cirrán Cáerme Gláeddyv. Yn á esseáth written in Elder Runes. It means apparently The Sword of Destiny has two edges - you are one of them.