Elaine Ettariel is an elven ballad about the heroine Ettariel. The ballad is in Elder Speech; the name translates as Ettariel the Beautiful.

Andrzej SapkowskiEdit

This ballad was mentioned, together with its lyrics, in the Witcher series book Time of Contempt. Dandelion attempted to translate the lyrics.

"Yviss, m'evelien vente cáelm en tell
Elaine Ettariel
Aep cor me lode deith ess'viell
Yn blath que me darienn
Aen minne vain tegen a me yn toin av muireánn
Que dis eveigh e aep llea...
L'eassan Lamm feainne renn, ess'ell,
Elaine Ettariel,
Aep cor aen tedd teviel e gwen
Yn blath que me darienn
Ess yn e evellien a me
Que shaent te cáelm a'vean minne me striscea..."

Rough translation Edit

"Loving you, is my life's goal (or goal of my life)
Beautiful Ettariel (give or take)
Let me keep the memories' treasure (or let me keep the treasure of memories)
And enchanted flower (or magical flower)
Your love's proof and sign
The drops of morning dew like silvered by tears (all these last three lines are about flower)"

As described in The Time of contempt, page 210:

"To adore you is all my life
Fair Ettariel
Let me keep, then, the treaure of memories
And the magical flower;
A pledge and sign of your love.
Silvered by drops of dew as if by tears..."

The Witcher (PC) Edit

This ballad can be found on the soundtrack, composed by Adam Skorupa; it was featured at the beginning of Act IV. Only the first part of the lyrics given in the book was featured, however.