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Eithné (Dorota Kamińska) in The Hexer TV series

Lady Eithné, known as the Silver-Eyed[1], is the queen of the dryads and ruler of Brokilon. She is famous for her wisdom and implacable stance towards humans. Their attempts to claim the ancient forest for its trees and supposed treasures have fostered centuries of conflict. In addition to being loathed by King Viraxas of Kerack, she and King Ervyll of Verden share a mutual hatred of each other.

Eithné depicted in the Witcher Battle Arena game

In the Movie and TV series Edit

Role of dryad queen is played by actor Dorota Kamińska.

The Witcher Battle Arena Edit

She is one of playable characters.

Description Edit

The Queen of dryads would never side with humans if not for the prize that the Emperor offers. When independence and peace are at stake, it’s worth bending both your head and your personal standards. Like all other dryads, Eithne is a master archer, who, aside from normal melee attacks, can damage her opponents from afar with devastating ranged skills. This hero is also a really powerful crowd controller. Eithne’s passive skill, Dryad’s Sight, makes her shots stronger when the enemies are at least 5,5 meters away.

Thorned Dagger is Eithne’s bread and butter ability. It’s a high damage, moderately low cooldown skill, that she can use both as an opener to start a fight, or as a way of finishing off fleeing enemies. It works really well in combination with the dryad’s second skill - Path of Thorns.

Path of Thorns is a unique skill that you can literally draw on the screen. Moving your finger on the screen will leave a trail that will produce vines that entrap and damage all enemies in range. This skill is very useful in multiple situations - while engaging, chasing or just to finishing off an opponent. It’s also a perfect setup for Eithne’s other skills, as it makes aiming much easier.

Piercing Arrow is a skill that’s hard to master properly. After 1.5 seconds of delay Eithne releases a powerful shot that travels 30 meters, damaging and displacing all the enemies on its path. It has the longest range of all the skills that are currently implemented in the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntEdit

Eithné appears as a Gwent card as a part of the Scoia'tel faction.

Gallery Edit

Gwent eithne

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