Ebbing is one of the largest vassal states in the Nilfgaardian Empire and operates as an autonomous and self-governing kingdom. Located beyond Dol Angra, it borders the Great Sea to the west, Metinna to the north with river Sylte acting as a natural border and Maecht to the east. The kingdom also neighbors Salm, officially a sovereign principality that is de facto dependant on Ebbing.

Most of its territory is characterized by three rivers Velda, Lete, and Arete which crisscross in the land of vast marshes named Pereplut. Somewhere in the south of Ebbing lies a mountain range where legendary Stygga Castle was located.

The kingdom was formally annexed in 1239, marking the beginning of the Northern Wars in Nilfgaardian historiography.

National emblems Edit

The coat of arms and flag for Ebbing is never actually described in the books. Two significant versions were used in adaptations: first one, depicting a serpent or wyrm, was introduced in Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni, while the second, with four rivers symbolising Velda, Lete, Arete and Sylte, was created by Wikia user Mboro and briefly appeared in the depiction of Ciri's family tree in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

COA Ebbing serpent COA Ebbing rivers

Coats of arms in this section adapt the ones mentioned above and were created by SMiki55. The COA and flag in the infobox are an attempt to merge the two, with an addition of the Imperial Great Sun in case of the COA.

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For a full list of Ebbingers, see :Category:Ebbingers.

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