The Ealdorman of White Orchard was once only a peasant and farmer, but was promoted by the local lord after the last elder died. The villagers weren't bothered by this until Nilfgaardian army came.

Since then ealdorman has to discuss everything with them and their leader Peter Saar Gwynleve to what Temerian young peasant respond with massive joining of guerilla groups.

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  • The Ealdorman can also be seen at the tavern, trying to learn Gwent from Aldert Geert. Aldert is upset that the Ealdorman does not seem to understand the rules of the game.
  • Elsa tells you that the Ealdorman used to put up contracts against the Griffin, but that he is not doing so any more ever since the Nilfgaardian Army took over.

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