This ealdorman oversaw the village of Downwarren in Velen.

He met Geralt in 1272 when the witcher was tasked by the Crones to assist the ealdorman. At first he wasn't very conversational with Geralt, but after he was presented the ritual dagger he realized the witcher was acting on the Crones' behalf and informed Geralt about the problem that'd been plaguing their village for about 3 years: The Whispering Hillock.

After Geralt took care of the problem, he returned to the ealdorman and mentioned the Crones' payment. The ealdorman confirmed and asked for the ritual dagger, then proceeded to cut off his left ear and gave it to Geralt. He then explained this was "fair" pay for the service rendered by the Crones and that he didn't expect Geralt to understand their local customs. The cut off ear was later taken by Whispess to hang with the rest of the ears she had hanging on her like a necklace.

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