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The royal House represented by the White Eagle is the ruling dynasty of the Kingdom of Redania.

Having ties with almost every major noble house in the North, its members are also known as the descedents of Sambuk, an early human king who ruled a domain lying in the Pontar Delta and Arcsea regions. His descendants established the Redanian kingdom.

Historically, some members of the house have ruled the kingdoms of Kaedwen and Temeria. One of its famous branches is the House of Trojden (originated by prince Trojden, the not so-beloved brother of King Radovid I).

Members Edit



Redanian monarchs
COA Redania2

COA Redania

SambukAbrad Old OakRadovid the GreatDambor the BlackVestibor the ProudRadovid II the SailorRadovid III the BoldVridank the ElfVizimir I the OldRadovid IV the BaldHeribert the QuarrelsomeVizimir II the JustRadovid V the Stern
Maria Pulcheria of TemeriaCaitlyn of KaedwenCirra of CintraViviana of LyriaCerroRamona ThyssenFiametta of CidarisDiana de Saint-VilliersHedwig of MalleoreAdda the White
Other Redanian royal family members

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