Dwarven Agitator Gwent card art

Dwarven Speech is one of the older languages, a native one for the dwarves although it has become more of a second language for them. It is characterised by a large proportion of curses and swears.[1]

Dwarves are so assimilated into human society and convinced (on elves) about the harmfulness of chauvinism and the manifestation of otherness, that they use Common Speech not only when talking to humans, but even among themselves, playing cards. Their youth barely knows the Dwarven and uses it very reluctantly.[2]

Dictionary Edit

Dwarven Speech English
duvvel devil, possibly even sylvan
sheyss shit
hraval king
vaina lady
ballet knave

Names Edit

Dwarven Speech English
Bloemenmagde The Queen of the Fields
Ocvist The Staring Eye
sihil Valuable Mahakaman rune sword

Phrases Edit

Dwarven Speech English
Duvvel hoael Devil take it
Duvvelsheyss Devil shit

References Edit

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